Our Case Studies

These case studies spotlight Olive Pine’s aptitude in addressing unique challenges faced by businesses in diverse sectors within the UK business landscape.

Retail Business
Accountancy Services

Company Profile: A mid-sized clothing retailer with multiple stores.

Situation: After experiencing a steady decline in profits over the past two years, the client suspected that their financial statements might be revealing operational inefficiencies.

Solution: Olive Pine was contracted to review and provide an in-depth financial analysis. Within weeks, Olive Pine identified discrepancies in inventory management and costing which had previously gone unnoticed.

Outcome: With actionable insights from Olive Pine, the client revamped their inventory process, leading to a 15% decrease in holding costs and boosting its profit margin by 8% within the first quarter post-implementation.

Medium Sized Business
Bookkeeping Services

Company Profile: A medium sized business with an annual turnover of £10m.

Situation: The business faced inefficiencies in its financial department, including over-burdened staff, inaccurate reporting, and missed deadlines, stunting the company’s growth.

Solution: Olive Pine implemented modern cloud accounting software and adopted Dext for electronic document management. Staff training was conducted for seamless transition to the new systems.

Outcome: The new systems led to streamlined workflows, relieved the burden on overworked staff, and improved reporting accuracy. This has facilitated a significant increase in transactions and provided better financial control for management.

By addressing the situation with targeted solutions, the business has successfully optimized its financial processes for sustainable growth.

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Home Care Business
Payroll Services

Company Profile: A company providing home-care services with 100+ employees.

Situation: Managing a diverse team with varied work hours, benefits, and overtime presented a significant payroll challenge, leading to errors and employee dissatisfaction.

Solution: Olive Pine implemented a comprehensive payroll solution, incorporating automated time-tracking, tiered benefits, and tax compliance. Regular audits were conducted to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Outcome: The client experienced a 98% reduction in payroll discrepancies. Employee satisfaction scores related to payment and benefits surged by 25%, promoting better retention and company morale.

Logistics Business
Tax Services

Company Profile: A logistics company operating a fleet of over 50 vehicles.

Situation: The client was expanding its operations and introducing new service offerings, inadvertently stepping into complex areas of the UK’s VAT (Value Added Tax) regime. They struggled with proper VAT categorization and were uncertain about potential VAT reclaim opportunities.

Solution: Olive Pine’s tax experts, well-versed in the intricacies of the UK’s tax system, conducted a thorough VAT review of the clients operations. They identified misclassified services which were incorrectly charged at the standard VAT rate when they were eligible for reduced or zero rates. Additionally, Olive Pine provided training to the client’s in-house accounts team on VAT compliance and introduced them to automation tools to simplify future VAT returns.

Outcome: By rectifying the VAT categorization errors and capitalizing on reclaim opportunities, the client achieved a significant reduction in its tax liability. They also benefited from a refund for overpayments from the past two years. On a continuous basis, Olive Pine’s interventions resulted in yearly VAT savings of around £100,000, reinforcing the value of expert tax guidance in specialized industries.

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